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Licensing and Support

The TMate License

SVNKit is open source product. The complete source code, documentation, and files required to build the library are available for download from our Web site.

The TMate open source license permits you to use SVNKit at no charge under the condition that if you use the software in an application you redistribute, the complete source code for your application must be available and freely redistributable under reasonable conditions. If you do not want to release the source code for your application, you may purchase a license from TMate Software. For pricing information, or if you have further questions on licensing, please contact us.

Professional Support

If you're using SVNKit in business-critical applications, you may get a professional support for SVNKit library. This support includes bug fixes, development prioritization and problem support. If you're interested in professional SVNKit support, please contact for more details.

For Open Source Developers

If you're using SVNKit library in open source project, and would like to support SVNKit development you may place a link to SVNKit web site ( on your project home page, or share your experience of using SVNKit library in your personal weblog or web page. Thanks!

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