Subversion 1.8 Compatibility

SVNKit 1.10.10 is compatible both with Subversion 1.10, 1.9, 1.8 and Subversion 1.7 working copy formats. No upgrade is required for working copies in 1.7 format.

SVNKit 1.7.14 is NOT compatible with Subversion 1.8 working copy format. It is compatible with Subversion 1.8 servers.

Both SVNKit 1.7.14 and 1.9.3 support 1.6 and older working copy formats without need to upgrade.

Official Git Repository

We use SubGit to maintain a writable Git mirror of SVNKit Subversion repository. If you would like to get SVNKit sources and prefer to use Git version control system, you may use the following command to clone SVNKit Git repository:

$ git clone svnkit

Latest Stable Version

February, 21, 2023, 11:00, version 1.10.10

== version 1.10.10  ==

+ SVNKIT-771: Use more recent authorization API of Eclipse.
+ Apache SSHD related libraries are now be embeded into SVNKit OSGi artifact (fixes in Eclipse support).
+ SVNKIT-770: Support "aarch64" (M1) architecture for Mac.

== version 1.10.9  ==

+ SQLJet library: GPL v3 License file and copyright notice added.
+ SVNKIT-769: 5 seconds delay in HTTPv2 mode while committing added files is fixed.

== version 1.10.8  ==

+ SVNKIT-768: paths are now URL-encoded correctly in 'svnkit-dav' module.
+ SVNKIT-767: many "timer" threads problem is fixed in Apache SSHD-based support of svn+ssh:// protocol.
+ SVNKIT-766: "svnkit.http.methods" JVM property now has priority over "http-auth-types" option of "servers" file.
+ SVNKIT-766: The order of supported auth types from "http-auth-types" option of "servers" file is now used.
+ SVNKIT-735: an incorrect fix regarding quotes in 'jsvn' script is reverted.

== version 1.10.7  ==

+ SVNKIT-765: Major security issue in Apache sshd based implementation fixed (private key appeared in an exception message).
+ SVNKIT-764: "E210004: Handshake failed, data stream ended unexpectedly" bug fixed for svn+ssh:// protocol.
+ SSL certificates problem fixed for Amazon Corretto 11 JDK.

== version 1.10.6  ==

+ SVNKIT-759: Stability fixes for Apashe sshd based implementation for svn+ssh:// protocol.

== version 1.10.5  ==

+ SVNKIT-763: JVM property tell SVNKit that 'mtime' microsecond precision is [not] supported.
+ SVNKIT-759: Apache sshd based implementation for svn+ssh:// protocol as an alternative to trilead.

== version 1.10.4  ==
+ SVNKIT-758: path are now URL-encoded before sending DELETE http request via HttpV2 protocol.
+ SVNKIT-760: Incorrect out-of-date error when committing over HTTP from a working copy, fixed.
+ SVNKIT-761: Reflective access issues with Java 9 solved in ClientException.
+ After an error, half-initalized DAVConnection instance was cached in connection pool
  making the pool completely unusable, fixed.
+ SVNKIT-762: arm64 architecture support when using JNA.

== version 1.10.3  ==

+ SVNKit 1.10.2 did not report its version properly, fixed.
+ SVNKIT-757: NPE on unexpected spool file deletion, fixed.
+ SVNKIT-432, fix in merge implementation.

== version 1.10.2  ==

+ SVNKIT-753: conflicts were not detected when using HTTPv2 protocol, fixed.
+ SVNKIT-740: SVNVersion parsing code reworked.
+ JNA library updated to version 5.6.0
+ SqlJet library updated to version 1.1.13
+ Minor bugfixes.

Standalone Version (without JNA)
Source Code
Eclipse Update Site
Eclipse Update Site Location
Source Code@svn repository

Older Version

22 Mar 2015, 22:00, version 1.7.14

== version 1.7.14 ==

+ Instances of SVNAuthentication now uses char[] to store sensitive data instead of String,
  methods introduced to dismiss stored sensitive data.
+ Improved NTLM authentication support backported from 1.8.x

== version 1.7.13 ==

+ Introduced 'sticky' working copy format detection mode to get rid of format detection overhead.
+ Option to control OS X KeyChain support added.
+ SVNClientManager.dispose now disposes underlying singleton SvnOperationFactory instance.

full changelog up to this build

Standalone Version (without JNA)
Source Code
Eclipse Update Site
Eclipse Update Site Location
Source Code@svn repository

Even More Older Version

25 May 2012, 19:02, version 1.3.8

+ Dependencies updated:
  * Sequence Library v1.0.2
  * SqlJet Library v1.1.2
  * Trilead Library 1.0.0 build 215
  * JNA Library v3.4.0

+ Locked file scheduled for deletion caused tree conflict on update, fixed.
+ Hooks were not ran when repository path contained spaces, fixed.
+ Lock related operations did not work properly with 1.2 or older svnserve servers, fixed.

full changelog up to this build

Standalone Version (without JNA)
Source Code
Eclipse Update Site
Eclipse Update Site Location
Source Code@svn repository

Maven Repository

We maintain our own Maven 2 repository where new SVNKit artifacts are published. SVNKit atifact details:

Group Idorg.tmatesoft.svnkit
Artifacts Idssvnkit, svnkit-cli, svnkit-javahl16, svnkit-osgi
Version1.3.8, 1.3.9-SNAPSHOT, 1.7.14, 1.8.15, 1.9.3, 1.10.3
Releases Repository
Snapshots Repository

Daily Builds

We are running continuous integration server at SVNKit is built and full tests suite is conducted daily, in addition there are automated build procedures for every modification with reduced tests suite.

Eclipse Update Site

To install SVNKit as an Eclipse plugin or to make sure that you have the latest version installed, use as an update site location in Eclipse Update Manager.

  • In Eclipse menu select Help->Software Updates
  • Then choose 'Available Software' tab
  • Click 'Add Site...' button
  • Type in the 'Location' field and press 'OK'.
  • Check the new site (it should appear in the list of update sites) and follow further steps as prompted by Eclipse.

Use or as an update site location to get older versions of SVNKit (1.3.8 or 1.7.14).

Latest Development Version

To browse source code visit
To get the latest source code (with the SVN command line client) use the following command:

$ svn co

Then use the following commands to build SVNKit from sources:

$ ./gradlew clean build -x test
$ cd svnkit-distribution/build/distributions