Dual Licensing

SVNKit implements a dual licensing scheme. That means that there are no restrictions or limitations on SVNKit use as long as it is being used in an Open Source project. This is similar to GPL license.

Not everyone, however, can use SVNKit under the above conditions and we provide commercial license option for such users, so that everyone could benefit from using SVNKit.

TMate Open Source License

The TMate Open Source License permits you to use SVNKit at no charge under the condition that if you use the software in an application you redistribute, the complete source code for your application must be available and freely redistributable under reasonable conditions.

Commercial License

We provide commercial licensing option for SVNKit users who wouldn't like to disclose the source code of their applications. Please contact us at sales@svnkit.com to get more information on commercial licensing terms and conditions. Do not miss our Support page for information on dedicated support options.

Same license covers SQLJet software library (http://sqljet.com/), free of charge, to use with the same product you're going to use SVNKit library. Otherwise SQLJet is available under the terms of GPLv2 license.

For you convinience you may use form below to receive information on our commercial licensing and support terms and conditions. Type in your email address and click on the "Get Information" button to receive information email. We promise, we'll keep your privacy and will not share your email address with anyone.

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For Open Source Developers

While using SVNKit in Open Source projects is completely free of charge, you still could support SVNKit by placing a link to our site on your Open Source project home pages, sharing your experience on SVNKit at your personal weblog or in our mailing list. Thank you!