Interface ISVNTunnelProvider

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public interface ISVNTunnelProvider

The ISVNTunnelProvider is the interface for providers of tunnel command lines matching a specific "svn+xxx" tunnel scheme.

With Subversion you may put your own URL scheme into the config file under the tunnels section like this:

 ssh = $SVN_SSH ...
 rsh = $SVN_RSH ...
The idea of this tunnel provider interface is the same: given a subprotocol name (a string following svn+, like ssh) a provider returns a command string (like $SVN_SSH ...).

A tunnel provider is passed to an SVNRepository driver that is expected to work through a tunnel (see SVNRepository.setTunnelProvider()). Just as you instantiate an SVNRepository object set it to use your tunnel provider.

If you would like to use tunnel scheme definitions from the standard Subversion config file, you may use a default provider implementation which is a default options driver you get calling a createDefaultOptions() method of the SVNWCUtil class.


Method Summary createTunnelConnector(SVNURL location)
          Returns a tunnel comand line matching the given subprotocol name.

Method Detail

createTunnelConnector createTunnelConnector(SVNURL location)
Returns a tunnel comand line matching the given subprotocol name.

location -
a tunnel command line