Interface ISVNMergerFactory

public interface ISVNMergerFactory

The ISVNMergerFactory interface should be implemented in order to be used as a factory of merger drivers intended for merging operations.

To get a default merger factory implementation call the ISVNOptions.getMergerFactory() method of a default run-time configuration driver. How to obtain a default run-time configuration driver read more on ISVNOptions and SVNWCUtil.

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Method Summary
 ISVNMerger createMerger(byte[] conflictStart, byte[] conflictSeparator, byte[] conflictEnd)
          Creates a new merger driver.

Method Detail


ISVNMerger createMerger(byte[] conflictStart,
                        byte[] conflictSeparator,
                        byte[] conflictEnd)
Creates a new merger driver.

If a merger driver can not cleanly apply delta to a file (in case of a conflict state) then for each conflicting contents fragment the driver puts local data between the specified conflictStart and conflictSeparator bytes, and the newcomer data between the specified conflictSeparator and conflictEnd ones. And all these bytes are then written to the file in the place of a conflict.

conflictStart - bytes that come in the very beginning of a conflict
conflictSeparator - bytes that are used to separate two conflicting fragments - local data and the newcomer one
conflictEnd - bytes that come in the very end of a conflict
a merger driver