Package org.tmatesoft.svn.core.wc.admin

This package provides API for administrative managing Subversion repositories on a local machine.


Interface Summary
ISVNAdminEventHandler The ISVNAdminEventHandler is used in several methods of SVNAdminClient to notify callers of operation progress.
ISVNChangedDirectoriesHandler The ISVNChangedDirectoriesHandler is used to process changed directory paths.
ISVNChangeEntryHandler The ISVNChangeEntryHandler is the interface for handling changed paths in SVNLookClient's doGetChanged() methods.
ISVNGNUDiffGenerator The ISVNGNUDiffGenerator is the interface for diff generators used in diff operations of SVNLookClient.
ISVNHistoryHandler The ISVNHistoryHandler is used in history retrieving operations of SVNLookClient.
ISVNTreeHandler The ISVNTreeHandler is used in traversing tree operations of SVNLookClient.

Class Summary
SVNAdminBasicClient The SVNBasicClient is the base class of all SVN*Client classes that provides a common interface and realization.
SVNAdminClient The SVNAdminClient class provides methods that brings repository-side functionality and repository synchronizing features.
SVNAdminEvent The SVNAdminEvent is a type of an event used to notify callers' handlers in several methods of SVNAdminClient.
SVNAdminEventAction The SVNAdminEventAction is an enumeration of possible actions that may take place in different methods of SVNAdminClient.
SVNAdminEventAdapter SVNAdminEventAdapter is an adapter class for ISVNAdminEventHandler.
SVNAdminPath The SVNAdminPath is used to pass path information to ISVNHistoryHandler and ISVNTreeHandler
SVNChangeEntry SVNChangeEntry objects are used to pass path change information to clients.
SVNLookClient The SVNLookClient class provides API for examining different aspects of a Subversion repository.
SVNReplayHandler SVNReplayHandler is an implementation of ISVNReplayHandler that is used in SVNAdminClient.doSynchronize(org.tmatesoft.svn.core.SVNURL).
SVNSyncInfo SVNSyncInfo represents information on repository synchronization
SVNUUIDAction The SVNUUIDAction class is an enumeration of possible actions that SVNAdminClient can perform with uuids when loading a dumpstream.

Package org.tmatesoft.svn.core.wc.admin Description

This package provides API for administrative managing Subversion repositories on a local machine. What it brings is similar to functionality of such Subversion command line utilities as svnadmin and svnlook.