Package org.tmatesoft.svn.core

This package mostly contains common classes as well as interfaces used throughout all the library.


Interface Summary
ISVNCanceller The ISVNCanceller interface is used in SVNKit for cancelling operations.
ISVNDirEntryHandler The ISVNDirEntryHandler interface is used to handle information about directory entries while retrieving dir contents.
ISVNLogEntryHandler The ISVNLogEntryHandler interface should be implemented in order to handle per revision commit information (in a kind of a revisions history operation)- log entries (represented by SVNLogEntry objects).

Class Summary
SVNAnnotationGenerator The SVNAnnotationGenerator class is used to annotate files - that is to place author and revision information in-line for the specified file.
SVNCommitInfo The SVNCommitInfo class represents information about a committed revision.
SVNDepth This class contains enumeration that describes depth, that is used.
SVNDirEntry The SVNDirEntry class is a representation of a versioned directory entry.
SVNErrorCode The SVNErrorCode class represents possible predefined kinds of errors with their own identifying information.
SVNErrorMessage The SVNErrorMessage class represents error and warning messages describing reasons of exceptions occurred during runtime.
SVNLock The SVNLock class represents a file lock.
SVNLogEntry The SVNLogEntry class encapsulates such per revision information as: a revision number, the datestamp when the revision was committed, the author of the revision, a commit log message and all paths changed in that revision.
SVNLogEntryPath The SVNLogEntryPath class encapsulates information about a single item changed in a revision.
SVNMergeInfo The SVNMergeInfo represents information about merges to a certain repository path.
SVNMergeInfoInheritance This class contains enumeration that describes the ways of requesting merge information.
SVNMergeRange The SVNMergeRange class represents a range of merged revisions.
SVNMergeRangeList The SVNMergeRangeList represents an array of merge ranges applied to a single target.
SVNNodeKind The SVNNodeKind class is used to describe the kind of a directory entry (node, in other words).
SVNProperties The SVNProperties class represents an object wrapper for String to SVNPropertyValue mappings where String keys represent property names and values - property values wrapped in SVNPropertyValue objects.
SVNProperty The SVNProperty class is a representation class for both versioned properties (user-managed svn specials) and for metaproperties (untweakable) supported by Subversion.
SVNPropertyValue The SVNPropertyValue represents an object wrapper for string and binary version controlled properties providing a set of specific methods to work with them.
SVNRevisionProperty The SVNRevisionProperty class represents revision properties - those unversioned properties supported by Subversion.
SVNURL The SVNURL class is used for representing urls.

Exception Summary
SVNAuthenticationException An exception class that is used to signal about the fact that errors occured exactly during an authentication try.
SVNCancelException The SVNCancelException is used to signal about an operation cancel event.
SVNException A main exception class that is used in the SVNKit library.

Package org.tmatesoft.svn.core Description

This package mostly contains common classes as well as interfaces used throughout all the library. These include exception classes, data wrappers, several interfaces and classes which are involved by most of other library packages.