Class SvnRevert

  extended by org.tmatesoft.svn.core.wc2.SvnOperation<java.lang.Void>
      extended by org.tmatesoft.svn.core.wc2.SvnRevert
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SvnRevert
extends SvnOperation<java.lang.Void>

Represents revert operation. Restores the pristine version of working copy targets, effectively undoing any local mods. For each path in targets, reverts it if it is a file. Else if it is a directory, reverts according to depth:

If depth is SVNDepth.EMPTY, reverts just the properties on the directory; else if SVNDepth.FILES, reverts the properties and any files immediately under the directory; else if SVNDepth.IMMEDIATES, reverts all of the preceding plus properties on immediate subdirectories; else if SVNDepth.INFINITY, reverts path and everything under it fully recursively.

changeLists is a collection of String changelist names, used as a restrictive filter on items reverted; that is, doesn't revert any item unless it's a member of one of those changelists. If changeLists is empty (or null), no changelist filtering occurs.

If an item specified for reversion is not under version control, then does not fail with an exception, just invokes ISVNEventHandler using notification code SVNEventAction.SKIP.

Constructor Summary
protected SvnRevert(SvnOperationFactory factory)
Method Summary
protected  void ensureArgumentsAreValid()
protected  int getMaximumTargetsCount()
 boolean isChangesWorkingCopy()
          Gets whether the operation changes working copy
 boolean isRevertMissingDirectories()
 void setRevertMissingDirectories(boolean revertMissingDirectories)
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Constructor Detail


protected SvnRevert(SvnOperationFactory factory)
Method Detail


public boolean isRevertMissingDirectories()


public void setRevertMissingDirectories(boolean revertMissingDirectories)


protected void ensureArgumentsAreValid()
                                throws SVNException
ensureArgumentsAreValid in class SvnOperation<java.lang.Void>


protected int getMaximumTargetsCount()
getMaximumTargetsCount in class SvnOperation<java.lang.Void>


public boolean isChangesWorkingCopy()
Gets whether the operation changes working copy

isChangesWorkingCopy in class SvnOperation<java.lang.Void>
true if the operation changes the working copy, otherwise false