Package org.tmatesoft.svn.core.wc2

NEW: this package contains command-style API to perform most of Subversion operations on the level of abstraction similar to that of the command line client.


Interface Summary
ISvnAddParameters Represents callback that invokes when inconsistent EOLs are found in text files being scheduled for addition.
ISvnCommitParameters Interface describes the parameters defining behavior for the commit operation that touches still versioned files or directories that are somehow missing.
ISvnMerger Merge driver interface used by SVNKit in merging operations.
ISvnObjectReceiver<T> This interface describes the operation that can receive object(s).
ISvnOperationOptionsProvider Implementing this interface allows to handle the operation options: event handler, canceler, options, pool of repositories and authentication manager.
ISvnOperationRunner<V,T extends SvnOperation<V>> This interface describes Svn* operation runner.

Class Summary
AbstractSvnCommit Base class for operations that change repository.
AbstractSvnUpdate<V> Provides methods allowing to check out, update, switch and relocate a working copy as well as export an unversioned directory or file from a repository.
SvnAnnotate Represents annotate operation.
SvnAnnotateItem Provides information for annotate item in SvnAnnotate operation.
SvnCanonicalizeUrls Canonicalizes all urls in the working copy target.
SvnCat Represents cat operation.
SvnCheckout Represents checkout operation.
SvnChecksum Represents a checksum for SVN files.
SvnCleanup Represents cleanup operation.
SvnCommit Represents commit operation.
SvnCommitItem Provides information about a committed revision.
SvnCommitPacket Represents storage for SvnCommitItem objects which represent information on versioned items intended for being committed to a repository.
SvnCopy Represents copy operation.
SvnCopySource Provides copy source information in copy operations.
SvnDiff Represents diff operation.
SvnDiffStatus Represents short information on path changes in SvnDiffSummarize operation.
SvnDiffSummarize Produces a diff summary which lists the changed items between source in its pegRevision, as it changed between startRevision and endRevision, or diff summary between firstSource at its pegRevision and secondSource at its pegRevision.
SvnExport Represents export operation.
SvnGetChangelistPaths Gets paths belonging to the specified changelists discovered under the specified targets.
SvnGetInfo Represents info command.
SvnGetMergeInfo Returns mergeinfo as a Map with merge source URLs (as SVNURL) mapped to range lists (SVNMergeRangeList).
SvnGetProperties Represents proplist operation.
SvnGetStatus Represents status operation.
SvnGetStatusSummary Represents status operation as local working copy summary status for target and all its children.
SvnImport Imports file or directory source into repository directory defined in operation's target at HEAD revision.
SvnInfo Represents information details for versioned item's (located either in a working copy or a repository).
SvnList Represents list operation.
SvnLog Represents log operation.
SvnLogMergeInfo Creates a SVNLogEntry object with the revisions merged from mergeSource (as of mergeSource's pegRevision) into target (as of target's pegRevision).
SvnMarkReplaced Schedules target as being replaced.
SvnMerge Represents merge operation.
SvnMergeResult Represents a result of a text or properties merge operation.
SvnObject Base class for all Svn* classes representing some kind of information.
SvnOperation<V> Base class for all Svn* operations.
SvnOperationFactory Represents factory for the Svn* operations.
SvnReceivingOperation<T> Represents base class for all operations that can fetch object(s) for custom processing.
SvnRelocate Represents relocate operation.
SvnRemoteCopy Represents copy to repository operation.
SvnRemoteDelete Represents delete operation.
SvnRemoteMkDir Creates directory(ies) in a repository.
SvnRemoteSetProperty Sets propertyName to propertyValue on each targets.
SvnResolve Represents resolve operation.
SvnRevert Represents revert operation.
SvnRevisionRange Represents a revision range between the start revision and the end revision.
SvnScheduleForAddition Represents add operation.
SvnScheduleForRemoval Represents remove operation.
SvnSetChangelist Represents set changelist operation.
SvnSetLock Represents operation for locking files.
SvnSetProperty Represents set property operation.
SvnStatus Provides detailed status information for a working copy item as a result of a status operation invoked by a SvnGetStatus operation.
SvnStatusSummary Represents status summary information for local working copy item, including all its children.
SvnSuggestMergeSources Returns a collection of potential merge sources (expressed as full repository URLs) for working copy target at target's pegRevision.
SvnSwitch Represents switch operation.
SvnTarget Represents target of the operation on whose operation will be executed.
SvnUnlock Represents operation for unlocking files.
SvnUpdate Represents update operation.
SvnUpgrade Represents operation for upgrading the metadata storage format for a working copy.
SvnWorkingCopyInfo Provides information about working copy info, used by SvnInfo.

Enum Summary
ISvnAddParameters.Action Describes an action add operation should undertake in case of a inconsistent EOLs.
ISvnCommitParameters.Action Describes an instruction that operation should take if it meets unversioned or missing item.
SvnChecksum.Kind Describes the kind of used hash algorithm for computing the checksum.
SvnFileKind Describe the kind of item.
SvnSchedule Describe the kind of schedule.

Package org.tmatesoft.svn.core.wc2 Description

NEW: this package contains command-style API to perform most of Subversion operations on the level of abstraction similar to that of the command line client.